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A beautiful boutique practise, located in the Warrigal Rd Ashwood. Specialising in remedial massage and complementary therapist. Each treatment is tailored to suit each clients.

Treatments & Price List


Sóma Remedial Massage(Health Rebates Available)

  • 30 mins $55
  • 45 mins $80
  • 60 mins $105
  • 90 mins $145

A beautiful, deeply relaxing treatment uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia ( the connective tissue surrounding muscles). It will release tension, pain and disquiet, leaving you feeling utterly relaxed, calm and liquefied.

Sóma relaxation oil Massage (With essential oil)

  • 30 mins $50
  • 45 mins $75
  • 60 mins $95
  • 90 mins $135

A combination of intuitive, swedish, oriental, trigger point & acupressure modalities with beautiful essential oils carefully selected for you. This lovely treatment will melt away worry, stress and give you body & spirit peace rest and nourishment.

Sóma Acupressure Massage (Dry Massage)

  • 30 mins $35
  • 45 mins $50
  • 60 mins $70
  • 90 mins $100

Sóma Acupressure Massage (Dry Massage)

Sóma Fabulous Natural Organic Facial

  • 30 mins $55
  • 45 mins $85
  • 60 mins $105
  • 90 mins $145

Soma is now Introducing our beautiful, organic and hydrating facials. Our products and expert touch will leave your skin feeling, pump, moist and beautiful radiant, and as a bonus extra, a lovely,relaxing,face, head, neck and scalp massage. ………..Simple, fabulous !! Includes: Double cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, A fabulous, relaxing, face,head, neck and scalp massage including pressure point treatment. Hydrating Mask, Moisture creme……….simply wonderful !!!

Sóma Bliss Massage & Facial Packages

  • 60 mins $100
  • 90 mins $140

A combination of our signature Bliss relaxation massage, with our beautiful, mineral & rich hydrating facials. . ….. Simply, fabulous !!

Sóma Paraffin Hand & Feet Packages

  • 45 mins $85
  • 60 mins $95
  • 90 mins $135

A combination of massage, with beautiful wax bath treatment, creates a sort of barrier on your skin that helps retain the oils that your body naturally produces. Can also aid in healing problems with the skin and can be effective in soothing and softening calluses on hands and feet and healing dry cracked skin. (This treatment does not include nail work or polish.)

Sóma Foot Reflexology and Spa

  • 30 mins $45
  • 45 mins $65
  • 60 mins $85

Combination of our professional reflexology foot massage, with herbs hot foot spa.


soma massage Ashwood
Cupping treatments

Cupping is an alternative therapy that uses suction cups to stimulate your skin and muscles. It can be done on your face or body. The suction promotes increased blood circulation, which may help relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, and aid in other regeneration.


Soma massage Ashwood

Specialising in Remedial Massage 

* Massage * Deep tissue  * Remedial
* Oriental  * Acupressure * Swedish
* Body Treatments * Foot Treatments * Facial Treatments

Sóma is eclectically decorated with a fusion of nature and art deco, and has a lovely calming energy as you enter our shop. 

Specialising in Complementary Therapies

At Sóma Massage body mind spirit, our aim is to slowly melt away stress, worry and any discomfort or disquiet that you may be experiencing and each treatment is tailored to suit each clients needs.

Our experienced therapists will ensure that your time spent here, is a memorable one, bringing you well-deserved relaxation, quiet, calm and healing.

We welcome you to make a booking and to come and experience our calming, tranquil boutique studio.

Soma massage Ashwood
Soma Massage Ashwood - Waiting room
Soma Massage Ashwood - Waiting room
Soma Massage Ashwood - Waiting room

Insurance and Payment Information

Our practice accepts most health insurance benefits, including those through to make claiming and payments easier:

Soma Massage Ashwood - Registered Therapist

Get In Touch


259 High Street Ashburton 3147


Mobile:0407 023 475 


When making your booking with us, we require your contact details to ensure that your time with us is secured. The payment will not be processed until the day of your treatment.

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your booking so that you can allow time to settle and calm before the treatment and also to fill out some brief paperwork. (confidential client history form). This form allows us to tailor the massage perfectly to your specific needs.

We realise that life has it’s challenges and that you may need to cancel or change your booking. We would greatly appreciate 1 days notice prior to your appointment, to avoid any cancellation fees being charged.

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